The Wood Fired Hot Tub

Escape for a few hours to our Wood Fired Hot Tub hidden within the gothic ruins of a twelfth century manor house.

Imagine sitting back in a steaming wood fired hot tub, the night sky lit up with stars or a tiny new moon, with the crackle of a log fire gently keeping the water warm and inviting. The view from the tub is unique…looking right down over the farm to the Lyvennet valley and the Pennines beyond.

Our tub is kind on the environment and on your skin, with no chemicals, just that special smell of pine wood and open fires. Relaxing and strangely exhilarating also…if you have ever tried a Wood Fired Hot Tub you will know what I mean.

The Hot Tub can be booked online

Book online!

Choose your date (or dates) and the Hot Tub will be heating up nicely for you to use from late afternoon. All the wood is provided as well as small foot towels.

If you book the Hot Tub for the second day of your stay you can light and stoke the fire yourselves.